Tanikka C. Price - Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, Lawyer, Emcee
Tanikka C. Price, Esq.
Life Coaching is being used all over the country right now to help individuals deal with the "congestion" they experience in both their personal and professional lives. I am a 40 year old mom of six, wife and attorney who has been helping people navigate through their lives for years. One day in 2004, a good friend, Angela called to tell me that I was a natural "Life Coach," and my business was born. 
Rather than giving an "answer" to a problem, my goal is to help clients discover their own strength and power and empower them to take control of their lives by "doing the work," to "fix their lives" to borrow Iyanla Vanzant's phrase.
Based on my experience as a single mother and as a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, abandonment, and rejection, I will help you get through "it" and get on with your life. You can get through any of life's roadblocks including financial crisis, homelessness, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, health crisis, death of a loved one, education struggles, and employment crisis. Through the struggle you will find your worth, your voice and find the path to happiness and contentment.
My first book, Love Letters: Vol. I and the accompanying CD are available through Lulu.com. Feel Free to email us at Lifecoach@blackgirlsong.com to inquire about prices and appointments.
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